盗撮犯〜危険なOLエリカ vol.1からのスピンオフ〜

盗撮犯〜危険なOLエリカ vol.1からのスピンオフ〜_1

サークル内人気No.1の作品である「危険なOLエリカ vol.1 部長の恋編」で、ネット上に出回ったエリカの盗撮写真の数々。






1024 × 1536ピクセル 34枚(表紙、あとがき等を除くと31枚)

1024 × 1536ピクセル 174枚(ストーリーに使用している原画も含む)

※本作は生成AI(Stable Diffusion)を使って作成した画像を使用しています。また、一部加工・修正を行っています。
■Work summary
A number of hidden photographs of Erika have been circulated on the Internet from the most popular work in the circle, ’Dangerous Office Lady Erika Vol. 1: The Manager’s Love Edition.’
In the main story, the conclusion was…but the true culprit actually existed.

How did the voyeur meet Erica and how did he become her stalker? ?
Please enjoy Susumu’s story from the perspective of the voyeur along with the voyeur photos.

Even those who have not seen the main part of vol.1 can fully enjoy this work.
For those who have watched the main story, I think you can enjoy following the chronology along with Erika’s changes in the main story.

Stylish clothes of the completely original model ’Erika’.
This is a work full of Erika’s eroticism that attracts all men, such as her extremely erotic legs and large breasts.
Please be careful not to fall in love with Erica.

Erotic Erika, neat Erika, horny Erika, and all kinds of Erika are burned into your eyes.
You can enjoy a variety of Erika looks, from the one with her legs open on the commuter train, to the one sitting on a bench while waiting for a date, to the office lady look to the casual sneaker outfit.

Please feel free to check out the sample image of the work (comic part, photo part).

■Work specifications
・JPG format
1024 × 1536 pixels 34 sheets (31 sheets excluding the cover, afterword, etc.)

<Secret photo>
・JPG format
1024 × 1536 pixels 174 images (including original images used in the story)

*The contents of this work are all fiction, and the characters, buildings, events, etc. that appear are all fictitious.
*This work uses images created using generation AI (Stable Diffusion). In addition, some processing and corrections have been made.
*Prompts are set and generated so that all characters appearing are over 20 years old.
*Since it is generated by AI, there may be some discomfort in some parts such as fingers, so please forgive us.
*There are some extreme scenes in this work for the sake of presenting the situation, but it is not intended to justify, glorify, or encourage any kind of illegal activity, including criminal acts.
*The copyright of all text, photographs, and drawings belongs to me, and unauthorized reproduction or reproduction is strictly prohibited. Reproduction to other websites, printed materials, electronic media, etc. is not permitted. Unauthorized reproduction may result in legal action. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
*For the convenience of the story, there are scenes related to voyeurism in this work, but it is not intended to justify, glorify, or encourage any kind of illegal activity, including criminal acts.

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